Presentation Outline Template

1.     Introduction

  State purpose

Focus the audience (and you!) on the reason for your presentation.

  Spark interest

Establish a theme. It helps to use a hook quote, anecdote, statistic, observation to wake people up and get their attention.

2.     Body

  Demonstrate understanding of need

Use facts and/or emotion (how well do you know your audience?) to dramatize the need and demonstrate the depth of your understanding.

  Present solution

Support with facts. Use lists, comparisons, examples, specifics. Show vs. tell.

  Focus on benefits

How will this make our life (career, business, dreams, problems, etc.) better?

3.     Conclusion

  Summarize key points

Keep it simple. Keep it bold.

  Tie into opening

Remember the theme?

  Call to action

Audience must understand what to do, when to do it, where to do it, why to do it, and how to do it.